Who is Jaques Payet?

JP is a biopic examining the remarkable life of Jacques Payet. It follows his journey from his departure from Reunion Island, to his arrival in Japan, his search for Shioda Gozo, and how he convinced one of the greatest men in Aikido’s history to take him on as an apprentice. Jacques came to Japan with a one-way ticket. He didn’t speak the language, didn’t know anyone, and knew nothing about the culture. All he brought with him was his desire to find the man he’d only ever seen on a few seconds of 8mm film and to learn martial arts.

Jacques overcame obstacles that seemed impossible. He didn’t just train under Shioda Gozo, but went on to become a seventh-degree black belt: a master. He now runs a dojo in Kyoto and has pioneered a program called the Kenshusei, which brings people from around the globe to study Aikido in Japan. Jacques doesn’t just train people in Aikido, he shows them how to discover their own strength.

Credits and Acknowledgments

Directed by Kenji Lee

Written by Kenji Lee and Nick del Pozo

Visual Effects by The Double Cut Lab

(All rights reserved 2015)




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